Dark Desire FREE

octubre 19, 2015 Posted by Maialen - No hay comentarios

Well, I have a gift for you. Let’s celebrate the website is now online!
It is a short story that the people asked me become novel, we’ll see if possible♥
I’m not really author of this genre, but I like to experience ~~
This story is an extra for the novella: The Dragon Lover
available HERE

You can download free the .mobi file HERE or you can support the author and translator buying it at Amazon

Jessica is the daughter of a policeman and she’s very curious about the world of BDSM. She likes to read books about the mysterious topic. She’s only ever known plain vanilla sex and it bores her.
But everything changes when someone calling himself Dark sends her a message. He names himself her master and at first Jessica thinks it’s an amusing game. Until he sends a box to her house filled with erotic objects. Dark knows who she is and where she lives. Fear soon consumes her when he arrives to make her his and Jessica can’t believe her eyes when she sees who it is.